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Getting the job done for you

Sometimes the most effective solution is not to recruit your workforce directly, but to take advantage of a skilled outsourcing agency to acquire flexible human resources. DRC offers contract staffing, where employees are on-boarded to client specifications. We also create comprehensive manpower supply solutions either by day, or for the duration of a project.

Whether you are looking to have a project completed quickly or provide added support to an existing team during a busy period, our temporary staffing solutions can help you complete tasks, meet deadlines, and keep your projects moving forward. As clients all over the countries we are proud to serve have discovered, our staff is always well-trained, technically competent and suitably certified for the job.

Contract Staffing

We offer tailored outsourcing solutions designed for companies wanting flexible access to specific expertise, either in the short-term or for longer durations. We work with our clients to identify the resources needed, assemble shortlists, and select staff members ideal for the job.

DRC handles all the overheads, paperwork and activities involved in hiring and contracting out an employee, so you never have to worry about visas. We even arrange accommodation and transport as needed, and deliver the training and orientation required for on-the-job success.

Our white-collar staffing contracts reduce your hiring risk, increase flexibility and help you focus on growing your business. And with our specialized resources and global reach, you can be sure of access to the best talent in a specific timeframe without incurring any long-term liabilities.

Manpower Supply

We offer a wide portfolio of both skilled and unskilled manpower made available through contract outsourcing.

We help you assemble the resources needed to successfully complete your projects on time without needing to expand your internal assets or incur unnecessary overheads. Our manpower is available to meet your business needs, either by the day, or for the duration of a project.

DRC handles the selection, paperwork and training for our workers so you can benefit from an instantly available pool of human assets that can take your project to completion.

Our project contracts are designed to help you structure your cash flow and determine fixed costs in advance, without worrying about recruitment, visa quotas, camps or transportation. Meanwhile, our day-rate contracts are ideal for flexible manpower supply for urgent requirements.

And of course, we back our human assets with the orientation and training needed to perform exceptionally. DRC has invested in multiple training centers for workers to develop the skills needed to match client requirements.

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